A space where all can seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy


Since it first opened its doors in April 1983, the Castro Country Club has helped countless people achieve sobriety by providing a safe refuge for people in recovery to help each other. A touchstone for LGBT sober people in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, the volunteer-based Club operates a Peet’s café with free wifi, a welcoming meeting room, and a spacious back patio open to the public from early morning until late at night, 365 days a year.


Hundreds of people attend over thirty-five self-governing 12-step groups each week. For a current meeting schedule, click on “meetings” above.

Unstructured Peer Counseling

Providing a venue for unstructured peer counseling is at the heart of all 12-step programs and is one of the primary functions of the Castro Country Club. The front steps of the 1901 Victorian, that houses the Club, has become a central gathering place for the sober community. People come to the Club simply to hang out with other sober people, to work the 12 steps with a sponsor or sponsee, or to talk with the on-duty volunteer about the challenges of sober living.

Job Training and Skills-Building

Over 50 people in recovery volunteer at the Club each week, running the espresso bar and supervising Club operations with support from the staff. Volunteer baristas staff the coffee bar and assist with cleaning and stocking. All contribute to the culture of support and fellowship for fellow addicts and alcoholics in recovery. By providing a supportive work environment, the Club helps volunteers to develop marketable job skills and the self-esteem to pursue their dreams. This program works in partnership with PRC(Positive Resource Center) and allows volunteers wrap around support services in the area of work readiness and employment.

Social Support and Fellowship

One of the biggest challenges for people in early sobriety is simply learning how to live, work and socialize without drugs or alcohol. Meeting this challenge is one of the most important cultural contributions of the Castro Country Club, which has always been managed and operated by people in recovery. The Club fosters fellowship and community by regularly hosting social and fundraising events. On holidays, the Club throws potluck dinners and during the warmer months, barbeques on the back patio. Club patrons frequently organize celebrations of milestones in recovery. All of these activities support and contribute to healthy interpersonal development for people who want to achieve or maintain sobriety.