AIDS Walk SF Fundraising Guide

AIDS WALK Fundraising Tips


AIDS Walk SF Fundraising Guide

Follow these first steps to set up your campaign and begin fundraising:

  1. Create your page. Your Participant Center is your fundraising base where you’ll customize your homepage, share your story, send emails, and access fundraising tools. Remember, when creating your homepage be sure to make it personal. Let people know why you’re walking, and why the CCC is so important to you.
  2. We recommend setting your goal at $1,000. If you gain momentum and anticipate exceeding your goal, don’t be nervous to raise the bar higher! Walkers find it much easier to exceed the minimum than they expect.
  3. Lead the pack. Make a self-donation to show how invested you are in this journey. Ask others to match it. This proven method really helps get the ball rolling.
  4. Go through your contacts and make a list of all the people you know. This should include friends from school and college, old and new co-workers, immediate and chosen family, and of course people in the recovery community. As you begin to fundraise, more and more people will come to mind. Continue to build your list over several months.
  5. The best way to begin asking people to donate is in person or over the phone. Nothing is better than a personal face to face ask! You can also send a text message to those folks letting them know you are participating in AIDS WALK 2018 and you would love their support. Facebook and Instagram is a fantastic way to show people you’re really invested and working diligently to fundraise. Be creative, post updates and bring everyone along the fundraising journey. Make sure to send a link to your fundraising page:
  6. Make a note of the responses you get in a separate section of your phone so you can follow up!!!! The best way to thank somebody for a donation is by calling, sending a handwritten note, or following up immediately with a text message.
  7. Depending on your professional contacts there are MANY companies that have matching gift programs. My best advice is to reach out to those contacts individually. There is a section of the AIDSWALK homepage where you can quickly check if a company has a matching program or not. If you have any questions regarding this process reach out to me at 415 684 5587.

Below is an example of some of what you can include in your personalized message.

“Hello_____________ I am walking in this year’s AIDSWALK SF and am trying to raise ___________ in support of research and access to critically needed treatment. I am also walking with the Castro Country Club (team 0964) which has been awarded Co-Beneficiary status. What does that mean? It means that because the Castro Country Club provides services for the HIV community 80% of the money raised by our team will go directly to the CCC. Please consider donating.

I have also created a Facebook group called TEAM CASTRO COUNTRY CLUB we are sharing our progress and tips to be supportive. Please reach out if you would like to join.